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Funeral Flower Arrangement For A Memorable Funeral Service

24HRSZENELIFLOWSERS  |  04/11/2011 15:39:54
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If you are planning a funeral service for a family member, you need funeral flower arrangement for decorations.

As this is a funeral service, colours of the flowers should not be too bright. Usually the colour used for funeral service is white. You can choose white alstromerias, white carnations or white lilies.

Furthermore, the type of flowers to use is usually those associated with sorrow or grief. People attending the service must respect the ceremony. It is not a time for celebrating. It is a time of grief.

Types of Funeral Flower Arrangement

There are actually five types of flower arrangement for a funeral.

A bouquet is usually used to send to the deceased home. It shows that you are sharing the sadness with the family of the deceased.

A standing wreath can also be used to pay tribute to the deceased. Instead of a wreath, a bouquet on an easel can also be used for the same purpose. The bouquet can simply be in any shape, but usually most prefer the bouquet in cross shape or heart shape.

Another funeral flower arrangement that florist usually provide is the inside casket pieces. Some put a garland of fresh flowers inside. Some put a pillow with fresh flowers on top of it. Some even put a corsage in it. It all depends on you.

Casket sprays are also popular during funeral services. There are a variety of casket sprays. Quarter, half or full casket sprays. The full casket spray would cover the length of the casket.

If you have no idea of what flowers to choose for your funeral flower arrangement, take a look at these...

Ideas For A Funeral Flower Arrangement

  • What about a heart-shaped wreath of red roses on an easel. It shows how much the deceased is loved during his life.
  • A mix of white asltromerias and carnations will make a lovely funeral bouquet.
  • White llies and white roses can make a lovely casket spray, too.

Hope the above ideas will give you an idea of a funeral flower arrangement. Whatever funeral flower arrangement you choose, it is the thought that counts.

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