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Why Would You Want To Become A Florist?

24HRSZENELIFLOWSERS  |  04/11/2011 15:38:31
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It takes more than an interest in flowers to become a florist.


If you currently have a professional job and want to change your profession to do something you like, why not? Doing something you love and make money out of it, what more could you ask for?


If you have a flower shop, you are your own boss. That is heaven for you. You can never be ordered around anymore. Everything is controlled by you.


If you want satisfaction in your work, having a career as a florist can give you that.


One, you touch people's emotions with flowers. Your flowers are there whenever they celebrate the important moments in their lives.


Two, you get satisfation when you use your creativity and create an arrangement.


If you want to spend quality time with your children, start by doing flower arrangements from home. Start from there and work your way to own a flower shop of your own. You get to be surrounded by the children you love and flowers you love. Isn't that wonderful?


Or you already have a hobby of flower arranging and need to open your own flower shop and become a florist professionally. You need to know where to get your financing, how to choose a location for your shop, shop concept and decorating and where to get the supplies. You have to know management as well to become a florist.


Now, you know why you want to be a florist? What are the requirements?


Requirements To Become A Florist

  • First and foremost, you have to have an interest in flowers. If you do, nothing in your course of work as a florist, will make you feel that it is a job.

  • You have to have creativity in arranging flowers. Anyone can arrange flowers to make a bouquet but how is your bouquet from the other florists? Customer want quality and exclusive designs. Everyone wants to be special.

  • You have to have a good colour coordination. Your design is creative but with bad colour combination, the whole arrangement looks bad. Beautiful colours and original design makes a sellable flower arrangement.

  • A florist needs to have a good personality. A pleasant personality. She needs to portray herself as someone approachable.

  • A florist also must be able to read a customer's mind. You should know what to offer her. These are the skills of sell something. This skill is essential to a florist, too.

  • Last but not least, you also must understand the urgency if a customer requests it. If the customer orders at the very last minute, you must understand the urgency of the situation and keep the dateline.

When you become a florist, you also must understand what are your responsibilities...


Responsibilities As A Florist

  • Unpacking of stock when the shipment arrives.

  • Conditioning the flowers.

  • Watering the plants.

  • Fix pricing of products.

  • Attend to customers who walk-in, who contact thru phone and e-mail.

  • Take orders accurately.

  • Maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of the shop.

  • Managing money that goes in and out.

  • Making arrangements to sell and display at the shop.

These are some of the main responsibilities as a florist. If you are up for it, check out where you can study to become a florist.

The flower industry is gaining more and more sales each year. Take this opportunity and be part of it. Become a florist. Do something that you actually like.

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